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Palermo “Falcone e Borsellino” International airport is situated about 35 km from the city center and about 27 km far from the Conference Venue, Mondello. With more than 5.8 millions passengers and several national and international airlines (Alitalia, Iberia, Ryanair, Tunisair, Jetairfly, Eurowings, Volotea, Norwegian, Luxair, Brussels Airlines, EasyJet, Vueling, Scandinavian Airlines, Austrian, Lufthansa, Swiss, Transavia, AirMalta, British Airways), it is well connected with several Italian and European destinations.

How to reach Palermo city center from Palermo airport


Palermo airport is connected to the city center by the A29 highway (about 30 km, i.e. 40-45 minutes driving).


No connection by train is currently available, since new infrastructures are being built for train connections and Trenitalia has not indicated the date at which the service will be started.


Buses by “Autolinee Prestia e Comandè” are available, with starting point at 50 m on the right of airport exit.

From the airport to the city center: first bus at 05:00 in the morning, last bus at 22.30 in the night. Buses are scheduled every half hour.

From the city center to the airport: first bus at 04:00 in the morning, last bust at 00.15 in the night. Buses are scheduled every half hour

Itinerary (stops):
Airport – Via Belgio – Via A. De Gasperi 187 – Via Croce Rossa 125 – Via Libertà 203 – Via Libertà 171 – Via Libertà 95 (Piazza A. Gentili) – Via Libertà 45 (Piazza Croci) – Politeama – Via E. Amari 5 – Central Station (Piazza Giulio Cesare).

Timetable can be accessed at url: www.prestiaecomande.it

One way ticket: € 6,00
Two ways ticket: € 10,00
The ticket can be bought onboard.

Further details on connections between Palermo airport and the city center can be found at the following link: www.gesap.it


Fixed rates are guaranteed for connections between Palermo airport and the city center. Taxi (white ones) can be found immediately outside airport exit doors. Depending on the zone of Palermo to be reached, the following rates are applied:

  • 35 € - North-West part of the city (V.le Michelangelo, V.le Lazio, Via Generale di Giorgio, P.zza Don Bosco, Via Imperatore Federico, Via Martin Luter King, Via Pietro Bonanno, Via Cardinale Rampolla, until Villa Igiea)
  • 40 € - Central part of the city (Corso Calatafimi, P.zza Indipendenza, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, until Foro Umberto)
  • 45 € - South-East part of the city and peripheral area (from Foro Umberto I, i.e. “Foro Italico”, until via Galletti)

Participants are suggested to ask for confirmation of the applied rate before start.

A second airport located in Trapani (about 120 km from Palermo) offers also a number of low-cost flights from/to most European countries.
Trapani airport is connected to Palermo city center by BUS, this link shows the time table (autoservizisalemi.it)

How to reach Mondello and the Conference Venue

The conference venue, the Splendid La Torre Hotel, is located at north of Mondello, at the end of via Piano di Gallo. Mondello is an area in the municipality of Palermo, located at approximately 12 km from the city center, particularly famous for the wonderful beach and coastline.

An orientative rate (not fixed by municipality and therefore slightly variable) for direct connection between Palermo airport and the Conference Venue (Splendid La Torre Hotel in Mondello) is 35 €.


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